Digital Economy

Digital Economy (DE) has been merged into Digital Content Communities (DCC) research group. The information below is thus outdated!

Digital Economy covers the whole range of processes, mechanisms, and facilities that control, constrain, or support economic activities amongst partners operating in a market based on digital transactions. Research in the widest possible sense covers legal and self-regulation, in addition to aspects of "pure" information technology.

In accordance to the above, the main objective of the research carried out by the Digital Economy research group is to develop concepts, models, processes, facilities, platforms, and infrastructures that provide foundations for creating products and services for digital economy. The group studies, for instance, business models that facilitate and encourage the operation of digital markets. The special focus is on legal rules that govern emerging services. They include intellectual property rights (IPR), especially copyright, patents, and database protection, as well as privacy and data protection.

Some recent research projects

  • Mobile IPR Professor Jukka Kemppinen IPR in Mobile Information Products

  • Muppet Professor Martti Mäntylä Managing Privacy and Trust in P2P Communication

  • STAMI Professor Martti Mäntylä Security Technologies and User Attitudes in Mobile IPR

  • The Welfare of Nations Professor Jukka Kemppinen, Dr Pekka Himanen

  • DE Core Professor Jukka Kemppinen, Professor Martti Mäntylä Structures of Digital Economy

  • Creative Commons Finland Professor Jukka Kemppinen Translation and localization of Creative Commons

  • Creative Commons Suomi


A selection of publications written by the researchers of digital economy program.


For more information, please contact Professor Jukka Kemppinen, e-mail: jukka.kemppinen(a)

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