31.3.2003: HIIT submits four proposals to TEKES' Fenix programme

Mon, 31.03.2003

HIIT submitted four consortium-type project proposals to the newly started Fenix program of TEKES:

The project Search-ina-Box (SIB) is intended to form a central part of the next-generation Internet search research area at HIIT. It studies especially topic-specific search engines for intranets.

The project Mobile Content Communities investigates communities that create and distribute digital content amongst themselves, with special emphasis on mobile game communities.

The project Location-Aware Mobile Messaging Services aims to study next-generation location-enhanced services on the basis of combining user-centric methods with various methods for assessing the business potential of new services.

The proposal Next-Generation Digital Service Research Consortium consists of a group of four closely aligned projects studying different aspects of next-generation mobile service creation and deployment. The projects are Intelligent Web Services, by Prof. Eero Hyvönen of the University of Helsinki and HIIT; Configurable Web Services, by Prof. Timo Soininen, HUT; Interactive XML Based Services for Digital Television and Mobile Devices, by Prof. Petri Vuorimaa, HUT; and Composition and Management of Dynamic Digital Service Value Networks, by Prof. Virpi Tuunainen, Helsinki School of Economics, and Prof. Martti Mäntylä, HIIT.

If funded, the projects will commence during the second half of 2003.

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