NS Jam Session on 12th December 10:00 with Airi Lampinen

Mon, 10.12.2012

Airi Lampinen will talk about account sharing in the context of social network services. The main emphasis will be on a qualitative study in which altogether sixteen people (eight women and eight men) from eight multi-person households who offer to host strangers viaCouchsurfing.org were interviewed about their experiences with the site. Findings illustrate challenges in three key areas: (1) presenting multiple people with a single profile, (2) negotiating access to domestic spaces, and (3) accounting for a reputation that is accumulated jointly over time.

The talk is based on recent research conducted over the summer at Microsoft Research New England as well as ongoing thinking about how to conceptualize social media use beyond the individual and how to design with shared use in mind.

As the industry internship recruitment season for next summer is on at the moment, we can also discuss internships and application processes briefly, if it is of interest to the audience.

The session will take place in the video conferencing room in OIH and in Exactum, Kumpula (A114).

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