31.10.2002: HIIT submits three proposals to TEKES' NETS programme

Thu, 31.10.2002

HIIT submitted three new project proposals to the NETS program of TEKES:

The project Personal Distributed Information Store studies a synchronization-based peer-to-peer infrastructure for storage of lightweight structured data.

The project Zenith: Horizontal Service Management aims to develop a service platform for next-generation heterogeneous, distributed, multi-channel digital services on the basis of semantic service models and directories.

The project Testbed Otaniemi aims to create an integrated, standards based test environment for future generation mobile services based on existing network and application enabling technologies provided and managed by the partner organisations (Elisa Communications, VTT, Otaverkko Oy, HUT, Finnish Geodesic Institute). The testbed is planned to constitute a part of the national network Testbed Finland, also including comparable testbeds in Oulu and Tampere.

If funded, the projects will commence on January 1, 2003.

In addition, HIIT also submitted the second-year funding proposal of the project Fuego Core to NETS. Two new partners, Ericsson and Creanor will join the project.

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