14.10.2002: Academy of Finland funds three HIIT proposals in PROACT programme

Mon, 14.10.2002

The Academy of Finland awarded funding for three projects with HIIT research groups in the Proactive Computing program. The funded projects were Context Recognition by User Situation Data Analysis (CONTEXT) by professors Martti Mäntylä of HIIT/ARU and Hannu Toivonen of HIIT/BRU, Networking and Architecture for Proactive Systems (NAPS) by docent, research coordinator Patrik Floréen jointly with professors Pekka Orponen and Jorma Virtamo of HUT, and Proactive Information Retrieval by Adaptive Models of Users' Attention and Interests (PRIMA) by academy fellow Petri Myllymäki of HIIT/ARU jointly with professor Samuel Kaski of HUT and Dr. Ilpo Kojo of Helsinki School of Economics. The funding was awarded for three years commencing on January 1, 2003.

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