Dr. James Cussens visiting HIIT from April 8 - 12

Wed, 03.04.2013

James Cussens is a Senior Lecturer in the Dept of Computer Science at the University of York, UK. He works on machine learning, particularly Bayesian statistics, probabilistic graphical models and statistical relational learning. He is also a member of the York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis and is involved in interdisciplinary research including philosophy, statistical genetics, discrete optimisation and toxicology. He received his PhD in Philosophy of Science from King's College, London in 1991.

Dr. Cussens will be visiting us from April 8 - 12, and you can contact him through his host, Brandon Malone (brandon.malone@cs.helsinki.fi).  Dr. Cussens is also giving an invited talk at the HIIT seminar in Kumpula on Tuesday, April 9, at 13:15.

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