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Goals and Activities

My long term goal is to create digital 3D worlds with one-to-one mapping with the real world and provide advanced mobile interfaces to them. I have implemented this research with a series of projects from 2001 onward, having the first OpenGL ES based mobile 3D map already in 2003 and the first realistically textured 3D city map in 2004 running on mobile devices.

I'm currently the coordinator of the EU project CultAR and partnering in another EU funded projcet STREETLIFE.

My previous projects include technology for the Finnish Pavilion in Hannover 2000 Expo, which won the Best Pavilion in three consecutive public votings; showrooms for a local mobile operator Radiolinja (Elisa) and Nokia Networks in 2000-2002; 6 EU STREP projects in the last decade; two Academy of Finland projects (Ganzheit and 3DWIKI); some Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation projects such as Between; and various small industry projects.

I've been assistant on computer graphics and animation related courses in Helsinki University of Technology, and had two courses of my own on virtual environments. Currently I have no educational obligations and I tend to give occasional guest lectures on, for example, visualization of geographic information or arrange short summer school courses.

I was in the board of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services 2010-2013.

Research Interests

Mobile 3D Maps: from rendering realistic, static 3D maps to live 3D maps, where content is updated on the fly using optimized networking schemes.

Mixed Reality in general: merging Mobile 3D Maps with Augmented Reality. Also in combination with multimodal interaction with wearables.

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