16.11.2007: HIIT seminar: Simo Vanni

HIIT seminars in fall 2007 will be held in hall **B222** of Exactum,
on Fridays starting at 10:15 a.m. Coffee available from 10.

Fri Nov 16
Simo Vanni
Brain Research Unit, Helsinki University of Technology

Systems neuroscience approach to visual information processing

Biological vision can recognise objects and comprehend space in a fraction of a second, but the mechanisms behind this efficiency are still unclear. Strong research effort for decades is now converging towards models, which may be able to show where to look for such efficiency. Because the mechanisms are unknown, we need to explore. Systems neuroscience is a multidisciplinary field, which combines various methods to study population behaviour of neurons. From the non-invasive methods, functional magnetic resonance imaging has the best spatial resolution, and may be used for mapping of active and inactive areas in the brain, quantification of local signals, and analysis of spatial or temporal correlations in the different neural populations. Modifications of visual stimuli or analysis of behavioural measures can be combined to statistical analysis of fMRI results. This talk introduces our recent fMRI results suggesting new views to organizational principles of human visual cortex.

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