SeqPig - Simple and Scalable Genomics Big Data Processing

Fri, 12.09.2014

Next generation sequencing (NGS) data sets are growing quickly and are already one of the largest instances of big data in science. We have developed SeqPig [1] a simple to use scripting framework that automatically parallelizes NGS data processing tasks using the Hadoop big data processing framework. This enables a simple way for scientists to exploit parallel cloud computing capacity for genomics data processing.

[1] Schumacher, A., Pireddu, L., Niemenmaa, M., Kallio, A., Korpelainen, E., Zanetti, G., and Heljanko, K.: SeqPig: Simple and scalable scripting for large sequencing data sets in Hadoop. Bioinformatics 30 (1): 119-120, 2014.

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