A new book: Smartphone Energy Consumption: Modeling and Optimization

Fri, 12.09.2014

With an ever-increasing number of applications available for mobile devices, battery life is becoming a critical factor in user satisfaction. This practical guide provides you with the key measurement, modeling, and analytical tools needed to optimize battery life by developing energy-aware and energy-efficient systems and applications. As well as the necessary theoretical background and results of the field, this hands-on book also provides real-world examples, practical guidance on assessing and optimizing energy consumption, and details of prototypes and possible future trends. Uniquely, you will learn about energy optimization of both hardware and software in one book, enabling you to get the most from the available battery power. Covering experimental system design and implementation, the book supports assignment-based courses with a laboratory component, making it an ideal textbook for graduate students. It is also a perfect guidebook for software engineers and systems architects working in industry.

S. Tarkoma, M. Siekkinen, E. Lagerspetz, Y. Xiao. Smartphone Energy Consumption: Modeling and Optimization. Cambridge University Press.  August 2014.


Cambridge University Press

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