Digi Breakfast on 4G and 5G mobile communications

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Event time: 
2014-10-01 08:00 to 09:30
Hall S3, Otakaari 5, Espoo

Tentative agenda:

8:00 Breakfast
8:10 Opening
8:15 5G network activities at Aalto (Riku Jäntti, Aalto ELEC)
8:30 Enabling new use cases with 5G (Johan Torsner, Ericsson)
8:45 Net Leap Network (Timo Knuutila, Nokia Networks, and Teemu Kämäräinen, Aalto SCI)
9:00 Discussion
9:30 Next steps at Aalto. End of event

Mobile communication systems have been rapidly evolving during the last few decades. While second generation (2G) systems were designed for voice and short messaging, third (3G) and fourth generation (4G) networks have revolutionized the way we access internet using smartphones and tablets.

Mobile data traffic is very rapidly growing. According to Cisco Visual Network Index (VNI) it grew 81% during 2013 and fourth generation connections generated 14.5 times more traffic than 2G or 3G connections. Also the number of devices connected to the Internet is rapidly growing. The mobile industry is looking ways to handle the mobile data avalanche and to enable new kinds of services such as massive and ultra-reliable machine type communications in a cost and energy efficient manner. The standardization of 5th generation (5G) mobile communication systems is just starting. 5G is expected to enable fully connected Networked Society where everything that will benefit from a connection will be connected.

Net Leap Network is a joint 4G initiative with Nokia Networks (formerly Nokia Siemens Networks) and Aalto IT. The network is built for research and development use in mobile environment. Users get unlimited usage of LTE capacity and features for application development and testing. The network uses 2.6GHz frequency.  Net Leap Network offers a real-life lab and testing environment, especially suited for Industrial Internet and Cloud edge computing research.

More information from: ella.bingham@aalto.fi, samuel.kaski@aalto.fi (Digi Platform), riku.jantti@aalto.fi (4G and 5G mobile communications), mauri.airila@aalto.fi (Aalto's Platforms)

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