HIIT and University of Helsinki to study the 2015 Parliament elections

Tue, 30.09.2014

The Digital Content Communities group at HIIT, Aalto and the Communication Research Center at University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Science will examine how social media and traditional media interplay in the next Finnish Parliament elections in Finland. The aim is to combine big data approaches, such as network analysis, and qualitative methods, such as interviews and ethnography, in this research.

Salla Laaksonen (CRC) explains: Currently, the research traditions don't mix up that well. We hope this research project will spearhead new approaches to work cross disciplines and bring brightest minds together.” and Matti Nelimarkka (HIIT) continues “Collecting this kind of data is an interesting opportunity: there aren’t that many research groups having access to stuff that we aim to do. And we hope to open the data for further research, empowering future researchers to look for interesting phenomena and to explore.”

This research into agenda setting and big data is funded by Helsingin Sanomain Säätiö, the foundation for largest news media in Finland. They support research on research related to communication as well as future research. Their goal is to develop the Finnish communications industry and especially to have an influence on the success of newspapers also in the future.

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