ACM MobiSys PhD Workshop - Opportunity for Doctoral Students

Fri, 03.10.2014

The recent ACM MobiSys PhD workshop is a venue that provides a friendly and supportive environment for doctoral students to present and discuss their dissertation research both with their peers and with a panel of experienced researchers from academia and industry. Its principle can be highlighted as “By the Students & For the Students”, where the entire workshop is organized by doctoral students, including CFP, Panel & TPC invitation, program design, peer review, publishing, and even fund raising.



This year, HIIT researcher Aaron Yi Ding served as one of the workshop co-chairs and witness the whole process of organizing a successful workshop in the top-tier ACM conference. Besides the sponsorship from ACM SIGMOBILE, the workshop organizing committee also managed to raise funding from Broacade, Google, and Microsoft.

The workshop of 2014 consists of 8 presentations and a special session for junior PhD students. The best presentation award this year, $1000, is awarded to Robert Likamwa from Rice University for his work on "Efficient Image Processing for Continuous Mobile Vision". There are lots of lively discussions in the panel session as the workshop is supported by a team of amazing TPC and Panel.

Wenjun Hu (Yale, USA)
Tanzeem Choudhury (Cornell, USA)
Ilias Leontiadis (Telefonica Research, Barcelona)
Cory Cornelius (Intel Research, USA)
Feng Qian (AT&T Research, USA)

Chloë Brown (University of Cambridge)
Dongtao Liu (Google)
Yandong Mao (MIT)
Ashwin Ashok (Carnegie Mellon University)
Wolfgang Richter (Carnegie Mellon University)
Güliz Seray Tuncay (University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign)
Tianyin Xu (Universify of California San Diego)
Pengyu Zhang (UMass Amherst)
Chenren Xu (Rutgers)
Clint Gibler (UC Davis)

You can find more photos of the MobiSys workshop following the link here.

Being a great opportunity for doctoral students, it is highly recommended for HIIT PhD candidates who work on mobile and services. The next one will be held at the breath-taking city Florence Italy in 2015!

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