Digital Health Revolution www pages published

Thu, 20.11.2014
Our large research project on health related My Data has published its web pages:
The Tekes funded strategic initiative focuses on the scientific, economic, ethical, societal, legal and political aspects of personal health data in order to increase individual health capability, related business and societal aims. The revolutionary idea proposed in the program is that all data is health-related, and that people should be able to reuse their data and decide how to use it for their benefit. The personal digital footprint is currently scattered to different data depositories, with organizations controlling some data of many people, but no one having a view to the individual, who would benefit from this data. This means that organizations with an access to personal data have more control over it than the individual, whose data it actually is. We believe that there is a need, even urgency to tip this balance in favour of the individual, because this is where the potential lies for a truly disruptive health revolution.

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