Collaborative Mobile Energy Awareness

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Doctoral dissertation
Doctoral dissertation
Eemil Lagerspetz
Sumi Helal, University of Florida, USA
Sasu Tarkoma, University of Helsinki
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2014-11-24 12:00 to 14:00
University of Helsinki Chemicum Building, room A129 (A.I. Virtasen aukio 1)
We have created a mobile energy measurement application and gathered energy measurement data from over 725,000 devices, running over 300,000 applications, in heterogeneous environments, and constructed models of what is normal in each context for each application. We have used this data to find energy abnormalities in the wild, and provide users of our application advice on how to deal with them. These abnormalities cannot be discovered in laboratory conditions due to the rich interaction of the smartphone and its operating environment. Employing a collaborative mobile energy awareness application with thousands of users allows us to gather a large amount of data in a short time. Such a large and diverse dataset has helped us answer many research questions. Our work is the first collaborative approach in the area of mobile energy debugging. Information received from each device running our application improves the advice given to other users running the same applications. The author has developed a context data gathering hub for smartphones, discovered the need for a common API that unifies network connectivity, energy awareness, and user experience, and investigated the impact of mobile collaborative energy awareness applications, to find previously unknown energy bugs on smartphones, and to improve users' knowledge of smartphone energy behavior.

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