HIIT coordinates Aalto Digi Platform

Mon, 12.01.2015

Digitalization is having a tremendous effect in today's and tomorrow's industries, economics and society at large. Digitalization is a key strong area at Aalto University, and the Digi Platform will further enhance Aalto's role in the field. HIIT's role is to coordinate Aalto Digi Platform in practice, linking it to University of Helsinki, too.

Digitalization is a key strong area at Aalto University: ICT, media, computation and modelling have been chosen as focus areas of Aalto. Topics include, but are not limited to: computer science, networks, communications, signal processing, electronics, automation, technology-intensive industries, digital applications of engineering design and production, mechatronics, media, games, information and service economy, computational sciences, and so on.

The Aalto Digi Platform is being designed to facilitate and bring together Aalto's competences in this multidisciplinary area, in a bottom up manner, and to increase Aalto's visibility.

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Contact person at HIIT: Ella Bingham

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