HIIT research on digital media and elections present in YLE evening news

Sun, 15.03.2015

Matti Nelimarkka and the Digivaalit 2015 project was featured in YLE national evening news discussing how social media is used to support the civic society. The quote is rather short, so let's go a bit deeper in this story...

The goal on Digivaalit 2015 is to understand who controls the agenda in digital media. One interesting phenomena is that social media allows different actors, like politicians, organizations, citizens and representatives of the media to contribute to the discussion together. There have been studies on interactions, especially how candidates avoid interaction and use the social media more to broadcast their messages.

However, this does not tell about other actors; some work conducted in the US indicate that citizens may utilize social media to deliberate, that is to seek out views that are different and understand the arguments behind those. Furthermore, social media allows citizen-driven activities to emerge too, of which the #olohuonetentti presented in the news is just one example.

One may use the ideas of timeless time and placeless place to understand these in detail: thanks to the Web developoment of interest-based networks is easy. Communication costs are low and finding interested people does not limit to your close-by friends only. Thus, there's an increased propability that you'll find people interested on the same kind of phenomenas.

Contact person: matti.nelimarkka@hiit.fi

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