CityWall public multi-touch display in Lasipalatsi

Fri, 25.05.2007

25 May 2007 - HIIT demonstrates the CityWall, a large multi-touch display  in Lasipalatsi (Simonkatu side) in central Helsinki. It acts as a collaborative and playful interface for the everchanging media landscape of the city. The content displayed is periodically organized into themes or events that are currently taking place in the city such as festivals, carnivals or sports events.

The CityWall is designed to support the navigation of media, specifically annotated photos and videos which are continuously gathered in realtime from public sources such as Flickr and YouTube. To contribute content to the CityWall people can send pictures and videos via MMS or email. Alternatively, tag your media on YouTube or Flickr with 'Helsinki' and we will pick up your media and display it here on the CityWall.

The touchscreen technology and applications have been developed Dr Tommi Ilmonen, John Evans, and Dr. Giulio Jacucci from the Ubiquitous Interaction research group. The development and set up has been co-funded by the 6th Framework Research Programme of the European Union (EU), through the IPCity project (FP-2004-IST-4-27571) which investigates Mixed Reality Interaction and Presence in Urban Environments. The installation in Lasipalatsi is supported by the Helsinki Cultural Office.

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