TEKES awards funding for Finland-ICSI Center for Novel Internet Architecture

Mon, 04.06.2007

4 June 2007 - As the demands on the Internet continue to grow, researchers are seeking to make the Internet more secure, reliable and flexible. Making substantial and qualitative changes in these properties may require radical, as opposed to incremental, change.

The Finland-ICSI Center for Novel Internet Architecture is devoted to exploring such radical changes. The pairing of Finnish and ICSI researchers is natural, as there is a strong history of collaboration between the two. In particular, the technical work being pursued by HIIT and ICSI complement each other very well, such as the overlap between the HIP project and various flat-naming projects at ICSI.

TEKES has awarded funding for the Finland-ICSI Center for Novel Internet Architecture covering its operation for the first three years. The funding will facilitate joint research activities, faculty and researcher exchange, and joint events to be run both in Finland and in California. For more information, please contact Prof. Martti Mäntylä at HIIT or Prof. Scott Shenker at ICSI.

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