Vice-director Ella Bingham

Thu, 17.09.2015

Ella Bingham has been nominated as the vice-director of HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology), the joint research institute of the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. See the new organisation of HIIT Board.

Ella Bingham joined HIIT as a researcher already in the early 2000's, and since 2009 has served in various tasks in research administration. "HIIT is a great community that joins researchers from two universities and several departments, in core computer science and application areas, and thus serves the society and the academia in many ways" says Ella.

Ella Bingham received her MSc degree in Applied Mathematics in 1998 and Doctor of Science degree in Computer Science in 2003, both at Helsinki University of Technology, and the title of Docent in Computer Science in 2009 at University of Helsinki. Her main research field has been statistical data analysis. She works at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT at Aalto University and University of Helsinki, and one of her main tasks is the coordination of the Aalto Digi Platform. In addition, she is Executive Director of the Foundation for Aalto University Science and Technology.  Her professional interests include science policy, research administration, research assessments, and research funding.

HIIT Ella Bingham

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