4.9.2007: Guest lecture of Dr. Nicholas Weaver, ICSI

Intrusion Detection in the Multicore Future
Dr. Nicholas Weaver, International Computer Science Institute
Berkeley, California

Tuesday, 4.9.2007 13:15-15:00
HIIT, Spektri Business Park, Pilotti Bldg., Metsänneidonkuja 4. 3rd floor

Abstract: Although network traffic and the complexity of intrusion detection analyses continue to grow, the ability of single processor cores to keep up has ended, as single CPU performance is no longer growing with Moore’s law.  Thus if we desire network intrusion detection to continue to be viable, we need to develop parallel NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection) and NIPS (Network Intrusion Prevention) systems.

I will discuss two areas where we have been enhancing the Bro IDS in preparation for the Multicore future: the Shunt, an offload strategy which allows Bro to safely ignore 60-90% of the incoming traffic, and our strategy towards scaling Bro to both clusters and multicore systems.

Speaker bio: Nicholas Weaver is a researcher at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California.  He received his Ph.D in 2003 from the University of California at Berkeley. His research areas include computer security, intrusion detection, and FPGA architectures.

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