27.9.2007: Finland-ICSI Center for Novel Internet Architectures launch at ICSI

The launch event of the Finland-ICSI Center for Novel Internet Architectures (FICNIA) will be held in the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley, California.

The mission of the Center is to conduct fundamental research in novel Internet architectures, aiming at a significant contribution towards the future development of the Internet. The Center will combine and coordinate the research efforts at ICSI, led by Professor Scott Shenker, with those of HIIT and other Finnish reseachers, led by Professor Kimmo Raatikainen. It will operate through joint research activities, research visits, and events.

The programme of the launch event is as follows:

09:30-09:45    Opening ceremonies

    Short notes:
    Professor Scott Shenker, ICSI, Co-director of the Center
    Professor Kimmo Raatikainen, HIIT, Co-director of the Center
    Professor Martti Mäntylä, Director of HIIT
    Professor Nelson Morgan, Director of ICSI
    Mr. Riku Mäkelä, TEKES

09:45-12:00    Talks by HIIT visitors

    Professor Martti Mäntylä: HIIT Overview
    Professor Kimmo Raatikainen: HIIT's Future Internet Programme
    Dr. Arto Karila: HIIT FI activities in EU 7th FP
    Dr. Sasu Tarkoma: Publish/Subscribe Internetworking
    Dr. Jukka Manner: UFOs on the Internet
    Dr. Kristiina Karvonen: Decision-making about trust in the Internet - the human perspective

12:00-01:00    Break

01:00-02:30    Talks by Berkeley students

   Byung-Gon Chun: Data-Oriented Network Architecture:
   Bowei Du: A Pub/Sub Communications API
   Daekyeong Moon: The Accountable Internet Protocol (AIP)
   Rodrigo Fonseca: X-Trace: A Pervasive Network Tracing Framework

03:00-04:30    Planning session of the future activities of the Center

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