12.10.2007 Guest Lecture by professor Bijendra Jain

 Guest Lecture by professor Bijendra Jain

        (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India)

         on Friday 12th October at 14:15
                 Exactum, room C220

"Tracking targets using sensor networks under energy constraints"

In this talk we consider tracking a target moving in a 2D plane using a network of sensors, each of which is capable of detecting presence of the target in its vicinity and communicating data to a central tracker. Information collated by the central tracker is presented in the form of  a sub-set $\Sigma^{t^k}$ of sensors in whose vicinity the target is estimated to be present at time $t^k$. Given that available energy in sensors is at a premium, we have proposed protocols for target  detection and route activation that require sensors to conserve energy by switching between inactive and active modes of operations. These protocols have been evaluated from the viewpoint of delay in target detection (or in route activation) and duty cycle, the fraction of the time for which a sensor is awake in inactive mode. Using simulation results we argue that this approach allows one to track a moving object with reasonable accuracy, provided the density of sensors is adequately large.

Speaker Profile:
Professor Bijendra Jain obtained B. Tech. from IIT Kanpur in 1970, and Ph.D. from SUNY, Stony Brook in 1975, both in Electrical Engg. Since 1975 he has been with IIT Delhi, where he is currently Deputy Director (Faculty) and Professor of Computer Science. In the past he has held visiting assignments with Universities of Texas and Maryland, Bell Labs, and Cisco Systems.
His interest is in Computer Networks and Systems, including network models and analysis, algorithms for large sparse matrix operations, scheduling algorithms for hard real-time systems, fault-tolerant routing. His recent interest is in ad hoc and sensor networks. His research is funded in part by Government of India, UNDP, US Army, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and Media Lab Asia.
As early as 1989, Prof. Jain, together with developers from other institutions in India, built and launched India's first data network, ERNet. Today, ERNet is also a thriving not-for-profit company connecting over a million users spread across over 2000 institutions in India. He is co-inventor in five US patents, covering speed-up in access to Web pages and efficient monitoring of IP network performance.
He has co-authored "OSI: Its Architecture and Protocols", a book published by McGraw Hill, New York. He is an active industry consultant and a member of several Government committees, including Naval Research Board and Government's Information Security Panel.
Finally, Professor Jain is a co-founder and past-Chairman of Kritikal Solutions, a technology start-up focused on computer vision, embedded systems and networks.


Patrik Floréen and Kimmo Raatikainen

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