UIx Californication 2008

UIx trip to San Francisco area 13th Apr - 23rd April 2008

iSchool workshop 15th Apr BID workshop 17th Apr CHIMe workshop 18th Apr NRC workshop 21st Apr

Info sheet

UIx has organized a trip to San Francisco Bay area for several workshops at UC Berkeley, Stanford University and Nokia Research Center Palo Alto.

Program (as of 10.3.2008)

DATE	        HOST	
13-Apr-2008	From HEL to SFR	7:45:00 -- 14:15
14-Apr-2008	?Uix retreat @ napa?	
15-Apr-2008	iSchool
16-Apr-2008	?Uix retreat @ napa?	
17-Apr-2008	BID	Mobility and Social Networking
18-Apr-2008	Stanford             CHIMe 12-14, me310 14-15, CiFE 15-17
19-Apr-2008	Weekend away	
20-Apr-2008	Weekend away	
21-Apr-2008	NRC Palo Alto	Mobility and Environment
22-Apr-2008	From SFR to HEL	18:50 --
23-Apr-2008	From SFR to HEL	      -- 23:15

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