16 May 08: Guest lecture by Dr. Lars Erik Holmquist, HIIT Spektri 10:00 AM

Dr. Lars Erik Holmquist from Mobile Life Center, Stockholm University / SICS, Sweden, will give a guest talk at HIIT Spektri on Friday, May 16 at 10:00 AM. All interested parties are welcome! Please announce your  intention to be present. to Dr. Giulio Jacucci. Title and abstract are as follows:

Grounded Innovation of Future Applications

Dr. Lars Erik Holmquist
Mobile Life Center
Stockholm University / SICS

Location: HIIT Spektri Pilotti, see directions at http://www.hiit.fi
Time: 16th of May 10:00.

Abstract. Innovation is about more than just new ideas; to be successful, an innovation has to be adopted by users and play a meaningful role in their life. In my group the Future Applications Lab, we have tried to balance the search for new ideas, or the generation of inventions, with the need for grounding them in the real world through inquiry into human practices. With grounded innovation, we mean processes that balance the two axes of inquiry and innovation, to increase the chance for true innovations to be created. We have used this approach to develop a number of new applications and digital artifacts. For instance, the Context Camera is a novel digital camera that takes pictures where the visual appearance are affected by the surrounding sound and movement. GlowBots are small autonomous robotic pets that encourage long-term explorative interaction. In both these cases, the designs were driven by a combination of technical and conceptual invention. At the same time they were grounded in inquiry into unusual user groups, including amateur photographers who enjoy the unpredictable results of a slightly defect camera model, or owners of exotic pets such as snakes and spiders. We believe that grounded innovation can be a fruitful approach to create new applications that are novel and exciting while at the same time relevant and interesting for real users.

Dr. Lars Erik Holmquist is a senior researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science in Kista, Sweden, a research leader in the Mobile Life Center at Stockholm University, and leader of the Future Applications Lab at the Viktoria Institute in Göteborg, Sweden. He previously founded and led the PLAY research group at the Interactive Institute. He received his master’s degree in Computer Science in 1996 and his Ph.D. in Informatics in 2000, both at the Göteborg University, and became an associate professor at the Göteborg IT University in 2004. His research interests include human-computer interaction, information visualization and ubiquitous computing. He has been member of many international conference committees and published extensively in these research fields. He was chair of the UbiComp 2002 conference and started the Mobile Music Technology workshop series in 2005. He is an associate editor of the Springer journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing and writes a regular column in ACM's <interactions> magazine, "On the Edge".

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