Breaks in several servers 2008-07-27 09:50-10:36



2008-07-27 09:50 - 10:30


0:40 h

Affected services:

DNS, LDAP, Wiki, VPN, CoSCo's demo server.


Kernel upgrade all other updates will be installed as well.

The following servers will be rebooted:,, openvpn01.fe,, terae, and

Break in each server is approximately 5 minutes. Critical services (DNS, LDAP) will not be interrupted at all.

Update 10:23: All servers but terae were booted and up and running at 10:10. Terae is doing fsck to one of it's disks and it'll still take a while.

Update 10:36: Terae's boot is finished and it too is up and running.

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