22-23 Oct 08: Nordic Cultural Commons Conference 2008

Nordic Cultural Commons Conference 2008
Stockholm, 22-23 October

With the advent of the digital revolution and the Internet, it is suddenly possible to to work collaboratively across contexts and to create new, derivative or collective works on a global level. This presents an opportunity for an enormous and unprecedented stimulation of creativity and production of knowledge.

New licensing models have been created to help this collaborative creation. Open licenses such as Creative Commons provide ways for creators and distributors to work together. Such collaboration has proven itself fruitful also economically: open licensing has been succesfully used by music businesses, movie producers, book publishers and media companies.

How is business created around open licensing? What benefits does the Creative Commons model provide for public broadcasting and archiving? How open licensing changes the production of cultural works? How does the common Nordic legal environment affect re-use of cultural works?

Nordic Cultural Commons Conference provides insight into these questions. Bringing together all Nordic Creative Commons scholars and practitioners, it is also a great opportunity to meet and discuss the latest open content practices and ideas.

Our speakers include Mike Linksvayer (Creative Commons), John Buckman (Magnatune), Nicklas Lundblad (Google) and Paul Gerhardt (BBC Creative Archive).

Visit conference web site for more information: www.hiit.fi/nccc/


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