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News in 2010

  • HIIT Spektri site is moving to new premises to Innopoli 2 (Technopolis), 3rd floor on October 18, 2010. This means also FI programme will be located in Innopoli 2.

  • George Giakkoupis from Paris 7 will give a talk on Tuesday 4.5. at 11:00 in Spektri 3rd floor meeting room. All are welcome to attend the talk entitled "Search in small-world networks".

  • Dr. Anna Rettieva from the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, Russian Academy of Science, will give a talk on "Dynamic games and cooperation maintenance" at 13.4.2010 at 13.

News in 2009

  • Future Internet Graduate School kick-off 2.2.2010 at 14 in Spektri. The new graduate school starts! See FIGS pages for more information.

  • Networking Research group leader Adj. Professor Andrei Gurtov has received Professorship from University of Oulu, starting 1.1.2010.

  • Dr. Kristiina Karvonen' s new research group on Usable security, privacy and trust (USec) was established. The group concentrates on enhancing usable security by employing methods of human-computer interaction to security.

  • András Zahemszky, HIIT/Ericsson will give a talk on "Beyond zFilters and MPLS"on Wed 16, December 2009 at 15:00 at Spektri 3rd floor meeting room. The work is related to HIIT's PSIRP EU project. See HIIT lectures for more information.

  • Dr. Yulia Chuiko from Russian Academy of Science will give a guest talk on "Selfish routing with splittable traffic and incomplete information" at Spektri 3rd floor on Wed 25.11 at 15:00.

  • René Hummen and Hanno Wirtz from Professor Klaus Wehrle's Distributed Systems Lab at RWTH Aachen are visting HIIT's Networking research group between 7-21.9.2009.

  • TKK has accepted the Lic. Tech. thesis of Andrei Khurri "Evaluating IP Mobility and Security on Lightweight Hardware". Andrei Khurri is a member of HIIT's Networking research group

  • Professor Vladimir Mazalov, director of Institute of Applied Mathematical Research (Karelian branch of Russian Academy of Science) is visiting the Networking research group till 10.9. Prof. Mazalov is an internationally known scientist working on game theory application to economics, computer networks, and biology.

  • Tobias Heer and Stefan Götz from Professor Klaus Wehrle's Distributed Systems Lab at RWTH Aachen visited HIIT's Networking research group in August 2009.
  • Professor Mazalov and Dr. Tokareva from the Karelian Institute of Applied Mathematical Research are visiting HIIT 13-17.7 2009.  The topic of the visit is game-theoretic evaluation of Internet routing, systems and security. The visit is hosted by HIIT's Networking research group.

News in 2008

  • Professor Jussi Kangasharju appointed new director of Future Internet research programme Dec 17, 2008 More>>
  • HIIT participated on the second Future Internet Assembly in Madrid on 9 - 10 December 2008. The Future Internet Assembly consists of different working groups, each working on different issues related to the Future Internet. Speakers from industry and academia presented their view on why we need a Future Internet and what usage and shape it could have. More>>
  • HIIT organized networking session "Future Internet Socio-Economics" 25 November 2008 at ICT 2008, Lyon, France More >
  • MSc Jouni Korhonen successfully defended his doctoral thesis IP Mobility in Wireless Operator Networks 21 November at 12 at University of Helsinki. The opponent was Professor Petri Mähönen from RWTH Aachen, Germany, and the supervisor Professor Jussi Kangasharju from the University of Helsinki.
  • M.Sc. Jukka Ylitalo successfully defended his doctoral thesis Secure Mobility at Multiple Granularity Levels over Heterogeneous Datacom Networks 12 at TKK. The opponent was Dr. Bengt Ahlgren, from Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), and the Supervisor: was Prof Antti Ylä-Jääski, TKK
  • M. Sc. Teemu Koponen successfully defended his doctoral thesis A Data-Oriented Network Architecture. 2.10.2008 at TKK. The opponent: was Professor Jon Crowcroft, from University of Cambridge, UK and the supervisor Prof essor Antti Ylä-Jääski, TKK.
  • Professor Jussi Kangasharju from University of Helsinki was appointed as the Director (pro tem) of the Future Internet research programme on September 5, 2008.
  • Bay Area Networking meeting arranged by HIIT 28.8.2008. (Entry by invitation only)
  • Bob Moskovitz from ICSA Labs/TruSecure Corporation is visiting HIIT August 4-5, 2008
  • ICT SHOK FI SRA was officially launched June 16, 2008 in an event hosted by NSN in Espoo.
  • ICT SHOK FI SRA received funding from Tekes May 16, 2008. Jukka Manner is the Academic Coordinator for this exceptionally big project in Finnish research arena.
  • NordicHIP project was represented on April 11, 2008 on NordUNET'08 conference in Dipoli.
  • PSIRP project participated in the "Future Internet - Perspectives Emerging from R&D in Europe" EU event 31.3.-2.4. 2008, in Bled, Slovenia. FI's Dr. Pekka Nikander chaired a panel on socio-economical challenges of the Future Internet.
  • TrustInet project was presented by Dr. Andrei Gurtov in Tekes GIGA Results Promotion seminar on April 4, 2008 in Messukeskus, Pasila, Helsinki.
  • Communications and Networking Department (Comnet) was accepted by HIIT Steering Group to join the FI activities in February, 2008. The Comnet group includes professors Raimo Kantola, Heikki Hämmäinen, Jörg Ott, Riku Jäntti and Jukka Manner.

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