6.10.2008 Talk on "Mobile Spatial Interaction" by Peter Froehlich

Mon, 29.09.2008

Date: Monday 6th of October, 2008
Time: 12:00-12:30 + time for questions and F2F discussion

Mobile Spatial Interaction: Advances and Future Challenges

The mobile phone is increasingly used as an interface between real and digital space. Ideas for "Mobile Spatial Interaction" (MSI), such as "mobile pointers", "smart compasses", or even "smart glasses", are increasingly feasible with upcoming location- and orientation-aware phones. This presentation highlights the key results of the project "Point-to-Discover" (p2d), which developed the foundations for spatially-aware mobile applications. Requirements and future challenges for mobile spatial interaction derived from user studies will be presented. A live demonstration of the p2d prototype will provide a tangible impression of what will soon be possible with mobile phones.

Researchers and practitioners interested in the innovation, design, and evaluation of mobile applications.

Peter Froehlich is a Senior HCI Researcher at Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (ftw.). Amongst others, he is responsible for the project Point-to-Discover (http://p2d.ftw.at). The project develops the foundations for "Mobile Spatial Interaction": user interface concepts, modeling of spatial information, GIS data integration, and content aggregation, as well as hardware prototyping. He is one of the co-initiators of the MSI initiative.

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