21 Nov 10:15: Algorithmics

  • lecturer: -
  • time: Friday 21 November 2008 at 10.15
  • venue: Room B222 (Exactum building, 2nd floor), Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki

Please be informed that the Friday seminar on Nov 21 will be organised as an Open Problems session with the general topic of "Algorithmics".

Everyone interested in contributing problems and/or solutions for discussion is encouraged to contact yours truly for a time slot of, say, 15 minutes maximum.

Problems arising from one's own research are encouraged but not a necessity; accessibility to an educated but non-expert audience (e.g. advanced undergraduate) is of course preferred.

Tentative contributors include Valentin (Polishchuk), Jukka (Suomela), and yours truly---please indicate your willingness to contribute no later than Mon 17 Nov. E-mail: petteri.kaski a hiit.fi

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