19 Dec 12:00: The future of web search

Research scientist Yury Lifshits from Yahoo! Research Santa Clara, CA will give a guest lecture on Friday December 19 in B222 at 12 pm.

The Future of Web Search
Yury Lifshits yury.name Yahoo! Research

We give an overview of promising directions for web search:

  • Algorithms for search usability, in particular understanding user intent and modify search results accordingly.
  • Improving coverage and function of search engines. Incorporating structured data into search index. Sorting results by proximity, price, social popularity.
  • Discovery search. Search process for the case when user is not quite sure what he is searching for. E.g. looking for a gift idea or choosing a vacation trip.

In second part a few recent Yahoo projects will be covered:

  • BOSS: an API for Yahoo! search
  • SearchMonkey: a tool for restyling the search abstract of your site
  • TechCrunch search - a search engine that mix up web results with structured data from CrunchBase.

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