11 Feb: Dhaval Joshi - Location Based Services

Speaker: Dhaval Joshi, Nomadic Research Team, Nokia India
Topic: Location Based Services (LBS) concept development in emerging markets

UIx roundtable seminar on ubiquitous computing
11 February, 11.30
meeting room 1036, Spektri

Disease Surveillance System & Location tagging based on comfort levels are attempts by Nokia Research Center to design location based services (LBS’s) keeping in mind the needs of users in an emerging market context. The former application allows epidemiological investigation of disease outbreaks; the latter aims to increase the feeling of security among urban pedestrians. Both of the applications have been subject to user centric design methods, ranging from user research to co-creation to mobile field trials aiming to validate the utility of the prototypes. 

The aim of this presentation is to introduce the two technologies and abstract from the individual application areas to a higher level, one exploring aspects that the NRC team believes to be specific to crafting LBS’s for emerging market users. Challenges related to, e.g. crowd sourcing and alternative UIs will be discussed.

Dhaval Joshi is a Design Researcher based at Nokia Research Center, India. His areas of interest are UI for illiterates, UX in Emerging markets, Mobile Internet UX, Naturalized interactions etc.
Prior to joining Nokia Research, Dhaval worked with Motorola India Research Lab, India in the areas of Naturalized Interactions, Local language User interfaces, Mobile Internet Experiences.
Dhaval has masters degree from the National Institute of Design, India with specialization in User Interface Design.


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