HIIT Technical Reports Series

Since 2011, the HIIT Technical Reports series (ISSN 1458-9478, electronic publications) is no longer used, and instead we use the mother universities' report series.


Hassinen, Marja; Immonen, Olli; Karvonen, Kristiina; Nurmi, Petteri; Ruohomaa, Sini: Trustworthy Widget Sharing. HIIT Techical Reports 2010-3, December 2010.

Belov, Anton; Järvisalo, Matti: Depth-based Local Search Heuristics for Boolean Circuit Satisfiability. HIIT Technical Reports 2010-2, December 2010.

Hasu, Tero: ContextLogger2 - A Tool for Smartphone Data Gathering, HIIT Technical Reports 2010-1, August 2010.


Liikkanen, Lassi A.; Nieminen, Tatu: Comparison of End‐User Electric Power Meters for Accuracy, HIIT Technical Reports 2009-1, June 2009


Korzun, Dmitry; Nechaev, Boris; Gurtov, Andrei: CR-Chord: Improving Lookup Availability in the Presence of Malicious DHT Nodes, HIIT Technical Reports 2008-2, December 2008

Kaski, Petteri; Pottonen, Olli: libexact Usr's Guide (Version 1.0), HIIT Technical Reports 2008-1, June 2008


Kanerva, Pekka: State of Art of Soap Libraries in Python and Ruby. HIIT Technical Reports 2007-2, August 6 2007.

Oulasvirta, Antti; Nurminen, Antti; Nivala, Annu-Maaria: Interacting with 3D and 2D Mobile Maps: An Exploratory Study. HIIT Technical Reports 2007-1, April 11 2007.


Kontkanen, Petri; Myllymäki, Petri: Information-Theoretically Optimal Histogram Density Estimation. HIIT Technical Reports 2006-2, March 17 2006.

Sarkio, Katri; Mäntylä, Martti: Is Your Neighbor a Traitor? Distributed Reputation Management in Member-Initiated Virtual Communities. HIIT Technical Reports 2006-1, March 15 2006.


Kontkanen, Petri; Myllymäki, Petri: Analyzing the Stochastic Complexity via Tree Polynomials. HIIT Technical Reports 2005-4, Helsinki 2005.

Roos, Teemu; Heikkilä, Tuomas; Cilibrasi, Rudi; Myllymäki, Petri: Compression-based stemmatology: A study of the legend of St. Henry of Finland. HIIT Technical Reports 2005-3, November 28, 2005.

Gurtov, Andrei; Korzun, Dmitry; Nikander, P.: Hi3: An Efficient and Secure Networking Architecture for Mobile Hosts. HIIT Technical Reports 2005-2, June 2005.

Kontkanen, Petri; Myllymäki, Petri: Computing the Regret Table for Multinomial Data. HIIT Technical Reports 2005-1, April 12, 2005.


Rimey, Kenneth: Version Headers for Flexible Synchronization and Conflict Resolution. HIIT Technical Reports 2004-3, November 22, 2004.

Salovaara, Antti: Proactive Reasoning in Mobile HCI: Tackling Uncertainty and Appropriate Task Support. HIIT Technical Reports 2004-2, November 14, 2004.

Roto, V.; Oulasvirta, Antti; Haikarainen, T.; Kuorelahti, J.; Lehmuskallio, H.; Nyyssönen, T.:, Examining Mobile Phone Use in the Wild with Quasi-Experimentation. HIIT Technical Reports 2004-1, August 13, 2004.


Blom, J.; Kankainen, A.; Kankainen, T.; Tiitta, S.: Location-Aware Multiuser Messaging: Exploring the Evolution of Mobile Text-Based Communication Services. HIIT Technical Reports 2003-2, August 28, 2003.

Kurvinen, Esko; Oulasvirta, Antti: Towards Social Awareness in Ubiquitous Computing: A Turntaking Approach. HIIT Technical Reports 2003-1, July 2, 2003.


Kontkanen, Petri; Myllymäki, Petri; Buntine, Wray; Rissanen, J.; Tirri, Henry: An MDL Framework for Data Clustering. HIIT Technical Reports 2002-8, December 22, 2002.

Valtonen, K.; Mononen, T.; Myllymäki, P.; Tirri, Henry: Erkinaro, J.; Jokikokko, S.; Kuikka, S.; Romakkaniemi, A.; Karlsson, L.; Perä, I.: Predicting the wild salmon production using Bayesian networks. HIIT Technical Reports 2002-7, December 22, 2002.

Valtonen, K.; Mononen, T.; Myllymäki, Petri; Tirri, Henry; Erkinaro, J.; Jokikokko, E.; Kuikka, S.; Romakkaniemi, A.; Karlsson, L.; Perä, I.:: Cross-analysis of Gulf of Bothnia wild salmon rivers using Bayesian networks. HIIT Technical Reports 2002-6, December 22, 2002.

Valtonen, K.; Mononen, T.; Myllymäki, Petri; Tirri, Henry; Erkinaro, J.; Jokikokko, E.; Kuikka, S.; Romakkaniemi, A.: On Supervised Learning of Bayesian Network Parameters - A study of electrofishing bias in terms of habitat and abundance using information-theoretic tools. HIIT Technical Reports 2002-5, December 22, 2002.

Pitkänen, Olli; Mäntylä, Martti; Välimäki, M.; Kemppinen, Jukka: Assessing Legal Challenges on the Mobile Internet. HIIT Technical Reports 2002-4, December 22, 2002.

Saarinen, V.; Anttila, J.; Lauronen, P.; Pitkänen, Olli: Nonius: Implementing a DRM System. HIIT Technical Reports 2002-3, December 10, 2002.

Isto, P.; Mäntylä, Martti: On Addressing the Run-Cost Variance in Randomized Motion Planners. HIIT Technical Reports 2002-2, September 30, 2002.

Wettig, H.; Grünwald, P.; Roos, Teemu; Myllymäki, Petri; Tirri, Henry: On Supervised Learning of Bayesian Network Parameters. HIIT Technical Reports 2002-1, March 27, 2002.

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