Mobile drawings become context-aware

Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT has launched Atwink mobile application which copies drawings from paper via pen to the web and adds context information to the drawings. Application attaches context information to the drawings on location, time, drawer and other drawers using the same application on site.

The system was designed and built by HIIT designers and researchers Petri Saarikko and Tero Hasu to be used by artists. Atwink allows an artist to draw on an digital paper notebook and after finalizing the drawing, she sends the picture from Bluetooth pen via mobile phone to the web. The application in the mobile phone attaches GPS and other user sensitive information to the drawing as well as information about other pens within Bluetooth range. The drawer can also attach a mobile phone photo to the original drawing and view it via mobile optimized user interface.

Drawings and mobile photos can be managed online for personal desktop use or shared and aggregated to diverse social media services such as Atwink feed and Facebook. The application enables easy archiving of drawings as well as comparing the original drawing to other ones made in the same location. The application is also handy for a person preferring pen to keyboard for writing notes.

Network society is one of the research areas of Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT. HIIT is a joint research institute of Helsinki University of Technology TKK and the University of Helsinki for basic and strategic research on information technology.

Video on Atwink:

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Researcher Petri Saarikko
Tel. +358 9 451 8135

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