8 May 10:15 Mahdad Khatirinejad: Everything I (almost) know on equiangular lines

HIIT seminars in spring 2009 will be held in hall **C222** of Exactum, on Fridays starting at 10:15 a.m. Coffee available from 10.

Fri May 8
Dr. Mahdad Khatirinejad
Department of Communications and Networking Helsinki University of Technology

Everything I (almost) know on equiangular lines

A set of lines is called {\em equiangular} if the angle between each pair is the same. We present a brief overview of the study of such a set of lines in the last 60 years. We also give the important properties of such a structure of lines in a general setting that includes real, complex and quaternionic spaces. There have been many attempts to construct equiangular set of lines. We discuss some of these methods and give a few (numerical and exact) examples.


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