15.2.2007: EcoPower workshop at HIIT Ruoholahti

HIIT will organise the eCoPower workshop at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology on Feb 15, 2007. The workshop is aimed at constructing a consortium in Finland to carry out interdisciplinary research bringing together software engineering, user experience, ubiquitous computing, construction management and technologies.

The availability of energy sources and the rising energy demand increase concerns on monetary and environmental costs of power consumption. We aim at developing support for consumers to learn everyday strategies of consumption that do not attack the comfort of their living but that result in more efficient and environmental use of power.

The proposed research will study deployable ubiquitous computing services for power conservation of consumers in the home and office, applying and further developing wireless sensors networks, distributed interfaces, adaptivity and pattern recognition.

For more information, please contact Dr. Giulio Jacucci, giulio.jacucci(at)hiit.fi.


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