5 Oct 13:15 Mark Billinghurst

Prof Mark Billinghurst will visit the TKK Department of Media Technology for about 3 months in 2009 (20 Sep-15 Dec), and for about 3.5 months at the end of 2010.

Prof Billinghurst is a visiting professor for the TKK Multidisciplinary Institute of Digitalisation and Energy (MIDE, see http://mide.tkk.fi/). He can be found (most of the time) at the Department of Media Technology (TKK Computer Science Building, room B163, Konemiehentie 2, Espoo).

Short biography:

Prof Billinghurst has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in human computer interface technology and he has been a pioneer in the area of Augmented Reality (the overlay of three-dimensional images on the real world). He is a director of HIT Lab NZ. For more information, please visit his web page at http://www.hitlabnz.org/wiki/M._Billinghurst

Talk on 5 October:

Prof Billinghurst will give a talk at the ICS Forum at the TKK Computer Science Building (Konemiehentie 2, Espoo) on 5 October 2009 at 13:15-14 (time and topic to be confirmed, see http://ics.tkk.fi/en/current/ics_forum/ ).


Prof Billinghurst will lecture a post-graduate level seminar course about Augmented Reality at TKK during the Lecturing Period II (2 Nov-11 Dec 2009, the lectures will take place in TKK Computer Science Building, lecture hall T3, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 16:15-18). More details about the course will be announced later.


There are several research projects that could have interest in collaborating with Prof Billinghurst - we have already been in contact with some of them. Please contact Mark (or Kai Puolamäki <Kai.Puolamaki@tkk.fi> who is hosting him) if you, e.g., would like to present your work to Mark or talk with him about research topics.

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