2 Oct 10:15 Hamed Mahmoudi: Aligning graphs and finding substructures by message passing

HIIT seminar, Friday Oct 2, 10:15 a.m. (coffee from 10), Exactum D122

Dr. Hamed Mahmoudi
Department of Information and Computer Science Helsinki University of Technology TKK

Aligning graphs and finding substructures by message passing

In recent years, the theory of the networks has gained an important role in studying complex systems, ranging from molecular biology to social and technical networks. One interesting issue in this context is graph alignment problem where the goal is to find a matching of two graphs in a way that as many edges as possible are matched. Various known fundamental problems in combinatorial optimization such as the traveling salesman problem, the graph isomorphism and the maximum cliques, can be rewritten in terms of graph alignment. In this talk a message-passing algorithm will be introduced to study the graph-alignment and maximum-clique problem.
As a proof of concept the algorithm is applied in a biology to detect to co evolution between interacting protein domain families in bacterial signal transduction.

Dr. Hamed Mahmoudi studied physics at IASBS, Iran and University of Turin, Italy. After receiving his PhD in July 2009 from University of Turin, he moved to Helsinki to work in research group of Prof. Aurell and Prof. Orponen. Currently he works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Information and Computer Science TKK. His main research area is the statistical mechanics of combinatorial optimization and system biology.

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