Book Publishing Seminar: The Future of Domestic Photography



Wednesday March 30th

Finnish Museum of Photography
(Suomen valokuvataiteen museo)
Tallberginkatu 1G
00180 Helsinki


Welcome to a public seminar on the future of domestic digital photography. The seminar celebrates the publication of the book

From snapshot to social media: the changing picture of domestic photography (Springer 2011)

by Risto Sarvas and David M Frohlich. The book is pioneering work in combining the technically oriented computer science work on photography with more traditional studies of domestic photography. The book is also the first to chart a socio-technical history of domestic and snapshot photography from the invention of photography in 1839 to current and future trends in the 21st century.

In the seminar we will hear two keynote presentations. Elina Heikka will discuss domestic photography from the perspective of traditional photography, and Markus Huttunen will talk about digital media from the perspective of business strategies. Following these keynotes the two authors will present the central messages and points of the book. After these talks there is time reserved for a general discussion. The speakers and their affiliations are:

Elina Heikka, Director of the Finnish Museum of Photography
Markus Huttunen, Managing Director and Partner of Magenta Advisory Ltd
David M Frohlich, Director of Digital World Research Centre, University of Surrey, UK
Risto Sarvas, Research Scientist at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, Aalto University

Please confirm your attendance by sending an email to risto.sarvas(at) by March 28th. Also, do not hesitate to contact Risto Sarvas for any questions related to the event or the book.

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