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Aalto University and the University of Helsinki are looking for a proven leader to be the next Director of Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT.

The institute conducts world-level basic and applied research for information and communication technology. Its research ranges from fundamental methods and technologies to novel applications and their impact on people and society.

Thursday, November 20, 2014
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Aalto University
University of Helsinki

Tactile Glove Provides Subtle Guidance to Objects in Vicinity

Wed, 10.10.2012

Researchers at HIIT and Max Planck Institute for Informatics show how computer vision -based hand tracking and vibration feedback on the user’s hand can be used to steer the user’s hand toward an object of interest. A study shows an almost three-fold advantage in finding objects from complex visual scenes, such as library or supermarket shelves.

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FuNeSoMo May Call for research exchange ICSI and UCB, DL 18.5.2012

Tue, 08.05.2012

Future Networks, Society and Modeling (FuNeSoMo) project is announcing an open call for applications for funding for research visits between Finland and US. This call is directed primarily to cover research exchange between Aalto University and the International Computer Science Institute ICSI Berkeley and/or University of California, Berkeley (UCB). Deadline for applications is May 18, 2012 and the full call is available at http://www.hiit.fi/funesomo/may2012call

Future Networks, Society and Modeling - FuNeSoMo

Future Networks, Society and Modeling - FuNeSoMo is a Tekes-funded 3-year research exchange project 1.1.2011-31.12.2013 built on the existing collaboration between HIIT and Tekes in Finland and ICSI Berkeley in the USA. A large part of the collaboration is also taking place between HIIT and University of California at Berkeley (UCB).

FuNeSoMo mission

For a full description, download project description (.pdf).