Events 2009

27 Nov 10:00 Workshop on Multitouch: Design Issues and Knowledges: Limitiations and Affordances

When: Friday 27.11.2009 10am- 1pm.
Where: Place: Pluto cabinet at Pilotti Building, 5th floor, Spektri

We have an international visitor working with Multitouch and other interesting novel applications and have arranged an informal workshop for 10am -1pm noon on Friday 27th November with one 45 minute presentation and 4 X 15 minute presentations and discussions.

Our visiting speaker is Hyowon Lee from Dublin City University


6 Oct Mini-workshop on machine learning and neural representation by the University of Helsinki

Mini-workshop on machine learning and neural representation Tue 6th October 2009, University of Helsinki (Kumpula)

11:30 Aapo Hyvärinen (University of Helsinki)

12:00 Jörg Lücke (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)
Linear, maximal, and occlusive causes for component extraction
(abstract given below)

13:00 Lunch break (on your own)

14:00 Peter Földiák (University of St Andrews)
Semantic representation in neural codes (abstract given below)

15:00 Coffee break


28 June - CfP: Workshop on Visual Analytics and Knowledge Discovery with ACM SIGKDD

VAKD '09 - Workshop on Visual Analytics and Knowledge Discovery: Integrating Automated Analysis with Interactive Exploration.

A full-day workshop in conjunction with the 15th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Paris, France, on 28 June 2009.

Submit papers by 20 April 2009. »


2 June - Socio-cognitive modeling

The KULTA project, a collaboration between Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), National Consumer Research Center and Helsinki School of Economics, and the computational cognitive systems research group at TKK organize a multidisciplinary research seminar on socio-cognitive modeling.

The seminar is mainly intended for researchers working in disciplines related to to socio-cognitive modeling including but not limited to sociology, cognitive science, and computer science. Also practitioners interested in these questions are welcome.


28-29 May - The Emerging Media Practices and Environments

The media environment is changing from the rigid channels of the past to a social mediaspace, where audiences become also actors, editors and distributors of content, equipped with new software powered social media tools. With new tools and technologies, new practices are born, which in turn inspire and demand new technological and service developments, as well as redesign of regulations, agreements and laws.