Content is King: HIIT research covered by Scientific American

Tue, 18.12.2012

The Scientific American features section (13/12/12) covers the PSIRP and PURSUIT research projects led by HIIT.
The new Information-Centric Network (ICN) designs propose to make the network more content aware and thus reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and mitigate attacks against the networks.

- "The PSIRP projects laid the foundations for publish/subscribe style information-centric networking" says professor Sasu
Tarkoma, one of the original proposers of the PSIRP project.

Kernel Methods, Pattern Analysis, and Computational Metabolomics

We develop kernel-based machine learning methods for predicting of structured, non-tabular data arising in biomedicine and digital health, especially applications on small molecules such as drugs and metabolites. We are located at the Computer science department of Aalto University

01.03.2011 Sounds of Helsinki receives funding from Aalto Media Factory

Wed, 02.03.2011

01.03.2011 Sounds of Helsinki receives funding from Aalto Media Factory

Aalto Media Factory granted HIIT 20k€ for development work to be done in UIx'
Musiquitous together with Adaptive computing group. The funding makes possible
of further development of Capella, a mobile music player, which logs interaction
and context data. Capella prototype will be used to research some of the
concepts of Sounds of Helsinki, a platform for location-based music services.

Field tests with users will be done in August 2011.

Appendix to the paper How Real is Real Enough

The software + data will be released here at a later point. Please contact Antti Oulasvirta for further information.


ChemBioMod project of Statistical Machine Learning Group group is a collaboration project with Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM). The ChemBioMod consortium brings together experts from machine learning, probabilistic modeling, biology, and medicine.