Dr. James Cussens visiting HIIT from April 8 - 12

Wed, 03.04.2013

James Cussens is a Senior Lecturer in the Dept of Computer Science at the University of York, UK. He works on machine learning, particularly Bayesian statistics, probabilistic graphical models and statistical relational learning. He is also a member of the York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis and is involved in interdisciplinary research including philosophy, statistical genetics, discrete optimisation and toxicology. He received his PhD in Philosophy of Science from King's College, London in 1991.

SPIRE (Smart Parking for Intelligent Real-Estate)


SPIRE project has two main areas. First is to create a flexible guidance system that can be integrated into different systems of real estates, such as ads, business intelligence and monitoring systems. The info service based on the system is called EnterLot. Second aim is to study several cases of decisions and land-use planning dealing with parking.

Break in network connections at 2013-02-27 17:00-17:06

2013-02-27 17:00 to 17:06
6 min
Affected services: 
HIIT network connections and UH/CS Ukko cluster's and Nodeslab's network connections

Router reboot is needed in order to enable redundancy on the router. Reboot time should be shorter than announced 20 minutes but still few minutes.

Update at 17:31 by Pekka Tonteri: Network connections were restored at 17:06.

HIIT at CSCW 2013: The ideal of self-sufficiency puts brakes on sharing economy

Tue, 26.02.2013


According to a recent study by HIIT and UC Berkeley researchers, fear of owing a debt of gratitude and a reluctance to ask for help are slowing the success of online services that facilitate joint use, borrowing and exchange of services. People who engage in exchange activities were not as concerned about becoming the target of unfair accusations about being a ‘free rider’.

Short breaks in Linux servers due to kernel security updates at 2013-02-26 11:00 - 16:00

2013-02-26 11:00 to 16:00
15-30min per server
Affected services: 
All Linux servers

Due to kernel security update (DSA-2632-1), all Linux servers will be rebooted. This will cause approximately 15 minutes downtime on each service. Pending software and firmware updates will be installed as well, so some services will be down approximately 30 minutes.

Update at 11:10 by Markus Nuorento: Break in service:web

Update at 13:25 by Markus Nuorento: Break in

Update at 13:55 by Markus Nuorento: Break in

Update at 14:30 by Markus Nuorento: Break in service:shell

Update at 15:01 by Markus Nuorento: up and running.




Debian security advisory DSA-2632-1