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In general, we follow the guidelines set out in book "Writing for Computer Science". You can find the book at the Science Library in Kumpula and at the HIIT Communications Desk:
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Other good resources for writing:
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HIIT style

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HIIT documents are written in British English.


20 Aug 13:15: Storybank Project

  • lecturer: Professor David Frohlich, University of Surrey
  • time: 20 August 08 at 13.15
  • venue: HIIT Spektri

Professor David Frohlich talks about the Storybank project. More information:

Music Goes on in People's Mind

Fri, 15.08.2008

15 Aug 2008 - A new topic within the psychological discipline concerns involuntary semantic memories. Initial research has suggested that musical memories are the dominant type of memories that are remembered involuntarily. Interestingly, no reliable information exists on how common this phenomenon of ‘earworms’, mental replay of music, is among people living in a western culture. Present study intended to investigate this issue by examining the topic in retrospect.