13 Aug 12:00: Generative Models for Frequent Pattern Mining

  • lecturer: Dr. Srivatsan Laxman from Microsoft Research India
  • time: Wednesday 13 August 2008 at 12.00
  • venue: Room B222 (Exactum building, 2nd floor), Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki

Frequent patterns describe persistent or repetitive local characteristics in data.

Research programmes

Algorithmic Data Analysis (ADA)

Developing advanced data analysis, mining, and modelling methods for different areas of science and technology: combining basic research in computer science with applications.

Director: Professor Aristides Gionis

HIIT submits seven proposals to Academy of Finland

Thu, 31.01.2008

31 Jan 2008 - The HIIT submitted seven project proposals to Academy of Finland, one in response to the general call of research proposals, and six in response to the call of pre-proposals of the MOTIVE programme to be launched during 2008.

8.-10.1.2008 PSIRP EU project kick-off

The kick-off event of the PSIRP (Publish-Subscribe Internet Routing Paradigm) EU project will be held in Course Center Onnela on January 8 through 10, 2008. PSIRP will study novel Internet architectures based on the publish-subscribe paradigm. It is the first project coordinated by HIIT in EU's 7th framework programme. (Attendance by invitation only.)