P2P Fusion clears EU negotiation, will launch in June

Fri, 19.05.2006

19 May 2006 - The project Peer-to-peer Fusion (P2P Fusion) concluded its negotiations successfully and will be launched in the beginning of June, 2006. The project addresses the current difficulties in the legal creative reuse of audio and video media in the Internet environment. It aims to create an open, accessible, legal and economically efficient environment for creative audiovisual cultural activities that can also be based on the work of others and materials from cultural institutions, through built-in, easy-to-use support for suitable licensing schemes.

24.11.2005: COMSOA project receives strategic TEKES funding

Thu, 24.11.2005

The National Technology Agency TEKES awarded two-year funding for the project Community Media and Service-Oriented Architecture (COMSOA), originally submitted to the call of strategic research projects in the ICT domain at end of June.

31.10.2005: IPCity project clears EU project negotiations

Mon, 31.10.2005

The contract negotiations on the EU IST integrated project Interaction and Presence in Urban Environments (IPCity) were succesfully concluded, and hence the project is expected to launch on 1.1.2006. The project is coordinated by Fraunhofer FIT; HIIT's User Experience Research Group is one of the eleven partners from five different countries in EU. Group's research goals include anticipating change in the ways people communicate with and through technological artefacts with a particular focus on interaction. The leader of HIIT's team in IPCity is Dr. Giulio Jacucci.

29.11.2004: HIIT joins PlanetLab consortium

Mon, 29.11.2004

HIIT joined the PlanetLab Consortium, a collection of academic, industrial, and government institutions cooperating to support and enhance the PlanetLab overlay network designed to allow researchers to develop and test powerful new types of software that are not confined to a single computer but run on many computers at once, treating the global network as one large, widely distributed computer. The PlanetLab Consortium is managed by Princeton University, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Washington.

18.11.2004: InfraHIP receives TEKES funding

Thu, 18.11.2004

The National Technology Agency TEKES awarded first-year funding for the project InfraHIP: Infrastructure for HIP. The project aims to study the applications related aspects of the Host Identity Protocol (HIP), including APIs, rendezvous service, operating system security, multiple end-points within a single host, process migration, and issues related to enterprise-level solutions. The project is led by Professor Martti Mäntylä with Professor Antti Ylä-Jääski from the TML laboratory at TKK. Dr.