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Research Activities

Daddy I am a senior research scientist with CoSCo at the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology. We developed a client-server distributed, hierarchical information system based on probability theory, see Next Generation Information Search and the ALVIS project. I also edited the Open Source Search web site, the Component Analysis web site, and supported the Automated Software Engineering Group at NASA Ames Research Center in building AutoBayes, a system for automated synthesis of statistical algorithms. Seen here is a shot from Osakwe Ates's (then 4-year-old) photography portfolio.

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Recent research activity is as follows:

Lecture Course on Graphical Models at University of Helsinki for Oct-Dec. 2005. Lectures in PDF are available as L1, L2, L3, and L4.

My Docentship Lecture given at the University of Helsinki, 6th February, 2006 (in PDF and in Postcript, 2up, gzipped).

Source code for Multinomial PCA available on request. Its GPL'd and runs on 2Gb of text in a few days on your desktop. Comes with a custom browser to inspect results. See MPCA Page and published on Freshmeat.NET.

Some older activity:


Mail address: Dept. of Computer Science, PL 68, 00014, University of Helsinki, Finland.
Email: Wray.Buntine AT hiit.fi

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