Web-Based Adaptive Personalization

Chiranjit Acharya, Wray Buntine, Sylvie Dieckmann, Jon Oliver, George Roumeliotis
Dynaptics Corporation
(as of 2001) 2 North 2nd Street, San Jose, CA 95113, USA
(as of 2002) US Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of CA (San Jose), case number 01-55690-mm

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In this position paper we describe a distributed architecture and other engineering aspects of a web-based, adaptive, personalization system. The major aspects of the system are: adaptability, lightweight install, scalability, robustness, and fault tolerance. The personalization component of the system adapts to consumer preferences: it selects items to present to consumers according to their respective individual characteristics, and also adapts simultaneously with the covariance of consumers and items. Products and services that are based on the architecture are easily integrated with clients' existing web portal with minimum effort and interference. The marketing aspects of the system are also largely maintained by the marketers themselves with little or no interaction required with IT staff, and providing them with simple tools to make analysis and perform marketing trials. Like standard high-performance web architectures, the system is also scalable, reliable and maintainable. It is resilient to component failures, and also easy to upgrade. The architecture thus makes the cost-benefit analysis for personalization highly favorable in contrast with first generation personalization systems.

Wray Buntine
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