User involvement, social media, and changing patterns of energy use.

Mikael Johnson

Doctor of Science (Technology), Helsinki Institute of Information Technology (HIIT), Aalto University, Finland
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Social Media: Case Habbo

I have had the privilege of following Habbo, a social virtual world for teenagers, and its operator Sulake since 2003. Despite advances in user-centred and participatory design as well as user innovation research, there are fundamental disagreements regarding the role of the users in technical development. I ask

  • How do users’ actions in and around social media effect its design?
  • How do user involvement practices evolve over time and in changing contexts?

Selected Habbo Publications

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User Involvement and Energy Use

During 2008-2010 I was actively involved in the EU research project Changing Behaviour. We applied social research on technological change, with focus on the interaction between energy experts and energy users.

We created a web toolkit to support project managers and their energy change projects for households and small organisations. Check it out at

Selected Publications

Heiskanen E, Johnson M, Robinson S, Vadovics E, Saastamoinen M 2009. Low-Carbon Communities as a Context for Individual Behavioural Change, Energy Policy, 37. PDF

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Miscellaneous: Privacy, Community, Knowledge and Requirements Management, Interaction Design

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