Michiel M. Spapé

Cognitology in Perception and Action


Barcelona 2008

Links, Music.

HERR is a faux-classical semi-baroque spoken-word project. I am responsible for the minimal'ish compositions, digital orchestrations, production &c. but try not to sing. Those who do, generally sing about pre-modern history, legends and sagas. It sounds something like this.

* The Twelve Caesars (2009, CD, Cold Spring)
* Fire and Glass: A Norwood Tragedy (2008, MCD, Cold Spring)
* Vondel's Lucifer (2006, CD, Cold Spring)
* The Winter Of Constantinople (2005, CD, Cold Spring; previously CD-R and LP on Cynfeirdd)
* Es regnet das Leben heraus (2004, CD, Were-di!)

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The HERR website
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      Aside from HERR, I have a small project, called Mirrori, with no releases so far, with minimalist solo piano works inspired by ongoing research - binding, tracking, that sort of thing. Here's a song.

More information on Mirrori:

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